Product Details

Go and pour yourself a cool one! This is a long story… Spring 2019, Oprah visited our hometown. Bought tickets, made pre-show dinner reservations and decided to design a wee gift, just for Oprah. If you follow her at all you will notice she has an affinity towards pearl earrings. Hence Oprah was created. The gift was meticulously packaged with the LULU | B™ touch, along with a handwritten note and delivered to the proper drop-off at the venue, the evening of the show. Months and months go by, with no Word from her people. What the heck, no thank you. Not that we were expecting one, but just saying…  Then a few days before Christmas of that same year I get a call from the venue and was told that the gift was somehow missed and never delivered. Relief, no wonder we never heard from her people. 

Adding this classic pearl earring to the LULU | B™ essential collection because we all deserve to feel special.

These earrings are created with white druzy posts plated with vermeil. The drop is a lovely curved gold fill tube with a scrumptious grade AAA fresh water white pearl dangling from the bottom of it. It is made upon order and may take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. It is handcrafted by LULU | B™ in Calgary, Alberta Canada.


  • 2.5 inches long


  • Druzy with Vermeil
  • Gold Fill
  • Freshwater Pearl
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Sterling Silver

Jewelry Care

  • Remember to always store it in your elegant little LULU | B™ drawstring bag. 
  • See our Jewelry Care Page in FAQ for more information on how to make  your LULU | B™ piece always sparkle!


  • Protection
  • Attracts luck, wealth and success
  • Symbol of purity and loyalty of its wearer
  • Will bring love energies to your relationship