Gemstone energy has been used for centuries to aid in healing, as well as increasing inner peace and focus.

The Earth is the common link that we all universally share. Earth’s gifts are stored in gemstones as a vibrational energy. Using gemstones allows you to align your body with the energy of the earth, which vibrates at the highest energy: love. Now, how cool is that? So be mindful. Raise your vibration. Feel your inner light shine. Love is truly in the Earth and has much to offer us all.

Read about the stones and see how they can resonate with you. Think it’s all crap? That’s fine – but in the end, could it really hurt to surround yourself with more sparkly, pretty things?

Gemstone Energy - Agate - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Protection, Creativity, and Harmony

  • Soothes and calms
  • Facilitates acceptance of oneself
  • Encourages speaking one’s truth
Gemstone Energy - Amethyst - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Protection, Creativity, and Harmony

  • Enhances memory and improves motivation
  • Exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity and focus of mind in decision-making
  • Healing properties help to clear the body’s energy field of all negative energies and influences
Gemstone Energy - Onyx - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Protection and Healing

  • Absorbs and transforms negative energy and emotions such as sorrow and grief
  • A grounding stone connecting with the electromagnetic energy of the earth
Gemstone Energy - Black Tourmaline - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Compassion, Understanding, and Positive Energy

  • Draws in any negative energy, transforms it and then releases the positive
  • Aids in the understanding of oneself and others, encouraging empathy
  • Promotes self-confidence, banishing fears and doubts
Gemstone Energy - Hematite - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Grounding, Protection and Manifesting our Higher Purpose

  • Endows us with courage, strength and vitality
  • Dissolves negativity
  • Stimulates concentration and focus
  • Boosts self-esteem and survivability
Gemstone Energy - Labradorite - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Magic, Transformation, and Intuition

  • Often referred to as the ‘Stone of Destiny’ as it is believed to help you to find your true path in life
  • Iridescent labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light
  • Raises consciousness and connects with universal energies
Gemstone Energy - Moonstone - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Calm, Femininity, and Inner Perspective

  • This stone is a symbol for women everywhere, enhancing feminine energy
  • Claimed to promote long life and happiness
  • Said to attract friendship and loyalty towards the wearer
  • Provides peace of mind and accessibility to one’s inner self
  • Helps soothe and balance emotions
Gemstone Energy - Opal - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Creativity, Passion, and Inspiration

  • A seductive gemstone that intensifies emotional states and acts as an emotional stabilizer
  • A stone that is all about going with the flow, as it contains large amounts of water, which means you can rebound and move forward in spite of obstacles
  • The colours change with the light; view them as a metaphor for spontaneity, creativity, and inspiration
Gemstone Energy - Pyrite - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Abundance, Luck, and Confidence

  • Excellent energy shield
  • Taps into abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas
  • Relieves anxiety and frustration
  • Improves memory and recall
Gemstone Energy - Citrine - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Manifestation, Personal Will, Mental Clarity, and Creativity

  • Opens the inner doors to increased clarity of thought and enhanced creativity
  • Activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity
  • Stimulates creative function
Gemstone Energy - Rose Quartz - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Love, Compassion, Happiness, and Unconditional Love

  • Widely known as the ‘love’ or ‘heart’ stone
  • Believed to encourage forgiveness and to help one to let go of anger, resentment and jealousy
  • Its heart-opening qualities act soothing on the nervous system, decreasing stress levels and increasing happiness, trust and harmony
Gemstone Energy - Clear Quartz - LULU B - Mary Lou Banks


Healing, Harmony, Energy, and Clarity

  • Known as the Master Healing Crystal, as it contains the full spectrum of light and as such, will work on every level to bring the body into balance
  • Amplifies both positive thoughts and energy and can stimulate positive action when it is needed
  • Powerful for healing, meditation and spiritual growth