LOLA Designer Gemstone Drop Clip-ons

Where to begin. Harness the raw energy of these handmade designer gemstone drop clip earrings made with agate druzy plated with platinum, Swarovski ‘becharmed’ and platinium plated rock quartz. Oh and did I say they are clip-ons?


Product Details

Gorgeous handmade designer gemstone drop clip-ons

  • One of a kind, which is a guarantee you will never see another like it
  • Platinum plated druzy agate earposts. Adds a tonne of sparkle
  • Swarovski ‘becharmed’ bead, adds a Va-Voom!
  • Platinum plated rock quartz crystal
  • Plated quartz is the Master Healer and the “stone of power” and is the focal point in this cuff
  • Quartz works with all Chakras for balancing, cleansing and healing and is considered the perfect stone for complete Aura balancing
  • 3″ long
  • Made In Calgary, Alberta Canada