LANETE druzy quartz pearl sterling necklace

Shine on, shine on silver moon. Be quietly glamorous with this handmade designer druzy quartz, pearl, sterling necklace.


Product Details

Be quietly glamorous with this druzy quartz pearl sterling necklace

  • Platinum plated druzy quartz
  • Sterling silver chain
  • High luster, freshwater, silver barque pearl
  • A wee sterling heart, just because…
  • Made with love in Canada
  • 24″ long
  • Quartz works with all Chakra  for balancing, cleansing and healing and is considered the perfect stone for complete Aura balancing
  • Pearls are beautiful gems and the only gem that comes from a living organism
  • The one thing I love about pearls is there longevity, they are meant to be worn, celebrated, enjoyed and then passed on
  • Those of you into metaphysics, pearls hold energy
  • Those of you into chakras, pearls are supposed to balance the energy centers of the body so we can see things clearly and not get overrun by emotions