The Hard Rock


Product Details

How often do you get dressed and want that one little extra to funk you up? The Avant Garde Crystal Hard Rock Necklace is your answer, and goes with everything. So add the avant garde crystal Hard Rock necklace to your wardrobe and elevate your style to modern and cutting edge. Don’t be afraid to be bold, progressive and turn heads and even have people ask “Where did you get that?”

What does Avant Garde mean? The oxford dictionary defines it as a french phase meaning “new and very modern ideas in art, music or literature that are sometimes surprising or a shock to people”.

Slip it over your head and watch it light you up. Wear it long, or double it up. You decide! But be prepared, you will get stopped and asked about it… This necklace is show stopping for the bold fashionista!

This necklace is created with rock quartz, Swarovski Crystal and sterling silver. It is made upon order and may take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. It is handcrafted by LULU | B™ in Calgary, Alberta Canada.


  • 36 inches long


  • Rock Quartz
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Sterling Silver

Jewelry Care

  • Remember to always store it in your elegant little LULU | B™ drawstring bag. 
  • See our Jewelry Care Page in FAQ for more information on how to make  your LULU | B™ piece always sparkle!


  • Healing
  • Harmony
  • Energy
  • Clarity